Children and Psychotherapists Encourage Parents to Stay Aware of Social Media Accounts and Cell Phones

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DALE COUNTY -- On August 6th, Ozark Police Criminal Investigators arrested two men in connection with two separate sex crimes in the area. This sparked the question of what parents should do to keep their children safe.

Psychotherapist Dr. Theron Covin said a startling number of his clients who have sexually abused children have been in a similar situation at a young age. Typically, they will seek out a victim that is the age they were when they were sexually abused.

It is due to a break in their psychosexual development, a time that is crucial to their maturation.

"There's a theory around psychosexual development," Dr. Covin said. "It's a natural process people should go through to mature sexually. At the end of maturation they should be able to have sex without any kind of problem with the right people, the right ages and the right times."

When a group of children were asked what they think parents should do to protect their own, they said parents need to stay more aware and even look through cell phones and social media accounts.

"You never know, it could be right up under your roof," an anonymous child said.

Under state law, child pornography is having obscene material of a child under the age of 17 engaged in sexual activity.

There are no exceptions under the law for minors. Teenagers sending and receiving explicit messages could also be prosecuted.