Children Tell their Best Advice Given by Dad

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In honor of Father’s Day Weekend, News 4 asked children in the Wiregrass some of their best advice given by their Dads. Here’s what we learned:

Some fathers are educational.

“Don’t drink and drive, and don’t smoke, and don’t text and drive, unless you want to die,” said 10-year-old Kayla Milton.

Jake Zauner, 12-year-old, said “He told me if I ever get frustrated or something, just count to 10 and take deep breaths.”

Eleven-year-old Jazlyn Hyatt said her dad taught her how to clean catfish. “Okay, you cut them, you skin them, you filet them, and then you cook them!” she said.

“My dad always told me that if you play in crap, you’ll get some on you. So know the people that you hang out with and hang out with the right crowd,” said 16-year-old Mark Johnson.

Some fathers are practical.

“To always keep my room clean or no one is going to want to marry me and I can’t live on his couch forever,” said 18-year-old Madyson Watson.

Twelve-year-old Priscilla Sparkman said, “He told me, ‘if you ever get a boyfriend, I’m going to have a grave in the backyard’.”

Most importantly, they are insightful.

“My dad tells me to always stay positive and not let things bring me down because if I do, then I’m not going to do my best,” said 14-year-old Paityn Whittington.

Fifteen-year-old Monica Johnson said, “To make the best out of myself that I can and if I ever fail or do anything bad or whatnot, he’s always going to be there and going to think that I’m always the best.”

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