Chase and Car Crash Leads to Two Drug Arrests

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Phillip Adkins of West Palm Beach, Florida and Whitney Dean of Dothan were arrested Thursday afternoon for possession of a controlled substance. An ongoing investigation led to a chase that started in the Taylor Park area.

Houston County Sheriff's deputies followed Adkins and Dean into the intersection of Ross Clark Circle and 231 South. When Dean hit an oncoming car, deputies executed a pit maneuver that put the Dean's car in a ditch in front of Dobb's Barbeque.

At that point, Dean ran across Highway 231 toward the wooded area near Clarion Inn & Suites. Officers tackled him and recovered 1/8 of an ounce of methamphetamine from his sock. Dean was also arrested on the scene. She is being identified as Adkins' girlfriend. The passengers of the car Dean hit are uninjured.