Changes to Alabama's Gun Law

Alabama is making changes to its gun law.

News 4's Victoria Rosa visited Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes today to see how they are making it easier for residents to understand.

Hughes met with the Kiwanis Club today and there were a lot of questions about some of the changes to the law.

The new gun law took effect Aug 1 of this year.

It says those 18 to 21 years old can get a gun permit and now, you can get permit in increments of one to five years.

You can also open carry but if you get into a vehicle and are carrying your weapon openly on your side, it's considered concealed in the State of Alabama and you must have a pistol permit.

Hughes along with gun and pawn shop owners say sales are up, and shop owners say people want that extra sense of security to be prepared for any situation.

Assistant manager of Pawn City said, “I had a lady come in the other day saying somebody tried to cut a hole in her back fence and tried to come in her back door and came in here wanting to buy a shot gun so she could protect her and her daughter."

Hughes also says local law enforcement tries to talk to every 18 to 21-year-old applying for permits about the responsibilities of carrying a gun.

To find out more information about Alabama’s new gun law, you can visit the Attorney Generals website for the State of Alabama.

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