Changes To Houston County Probate Offices

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The Houston County Probate offices opened their doors about a week ago. There are several changes.

Houston County residents say their experience at the Houston County Probate offices have been so far, so good.

They say the decreased wait times and new layout, make for a favorable visit.

"Its amazing how i just went in there and got my tag and walked out, 5 minutes, ".

Kimbley Russaw isn't the only Houston county resident who notices the changes at the Houston County Probate office and that's exactly what Houston County Probate Judge Patrick Davenport wants.

He says there are several changes he hopes residents notice.

"We modified the tag line, probably is the first thing the public would recognize. We took out the entire tag counter and replaced it with a u shaped tag counter that allows us to serve customers on both sides, " said Davenport.

It also allows for additional clerks; before there were only 10, now, there are 16.

"When we first came here, we were renewing from Tennessee, it was quite a long wait, quite a process and now it was really quick, " said two other Houston county residents, Dean and Sandy Belden.

"What we've done is separate the title transactions from the renewals and then i have specific clerks that are dedicated to the title transaction and doing that regularly allows them to become more competent and effective and efficient in doing that," said Davenport.

Efficiency that Houston county residents have begun to notice and appreciate.

"We have an appointment this afternoon and we were afraid we were going to have to go ahead and leave and it's a very nice environment, " said the Belden's.

"By our jobs we are all public servants so we really strive to do whatever we can to serve the public as well as we possibly can, " said Davenport.

A courtroom has also been added to help with the judicial functions of the Probate office.

There's also been a second drivers license machine added, to hopefully decrease wait times.

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