Changes For Out of District Students for Dothan CIty and Henry County

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Changes are coming for out of district students in two Wiregrass school districts.

Dothan City School is considering charging tuition for students who don't live in the area.

Administrators are still in the early stages of planning this possible policy.

Henry County Schools charge their out of district families but say next school year they will not be accepting any new students from outside their system.

But both superintendents agree it is a good way to keep tax dollars in their district.

"Our tax payers pay a lot of money to educate our children we think to be good managers of our tax dollars, when students in from another county or another system we are doing that at our tax payers expense other systems are doing it around us," said Tim Wilder, superintendent Dothan City.

Wilder says a decision will be made about the tuition policy this summer.

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