Cell to Society: Prayer in Panhandle Prison

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MALONE -- Letting go and Letting God. That's what the 112 inmates in the two Faith & Character-based dorms are trying to do.

They have taken on the challenges of the Faith & Character-based programs. These include self-help, chapel, Commitment to Change and a particular program, Victim Impact. In this program, victims are brought in to share their testimonies with the male inmates.

Daniel Monteleone volunteers daily at Jackson CI. He said the victim impact program is the driving force for many inmates.

"It brings a lot of pain, you go through different variations of fear, shame, control, anger," Monteleone said. "A lot of guys will go through a depression state because they get to realize some of the stuff they caused."

Because of faith and character-based programs, Florida's recidivism rate for those going through these types of facilities is less than 10 percent.