Celebrating 40 Years Of Teaching

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Susan Wheelus says her passion for teaching has kept her in the classroom all these years.

She says she wants to help shape the minds of her students who she considers her children.

For Ashford Academy teacher Susan Wheelus, educating comes natural.

It's a love she discovered long ago.

"This is just what I do, this is just what I do, I've never done anything else, maybe this is all I know how to do, " said Wheelus.

It's the 40th year on the job for Wheelus but she says it's not a job, more like a hobby she gets paid for.

"I've had some wonderful administrators and I've had some wonderful children thru the years and I've actually got relationships with some of those children and they're like 50 years old, that I started teaching with, so it's been a wonderful wonderful career for me, " said Wheelus.

"Ms. Wheelus is just amazing, I love being in her class everyday, she really makes it a lot more fun, " said one of Wheelus's students, Gracie Hutto.

Wheelus's students say it's more than just writing down notes and taking tests; they say she really cares about their success.

"She's a great teacher, she's really fun to be around, she makes learning really fun, " said another student, Hannah Mcdaniel.

"If we need help, she takes time out of her day and her time just to come and help us do whatever we need to do, " said Hutto.

"That's what we're here for is to prepare them for a future and to be able to be competitive in the job market and to be successful in college, it would be a sad thought to think that we weren't doing something to prepare them for their future, " said Wheelus.

A future that students don't want to imagine without Ms. Wheelus.

"I do not want her to stop teaching, if she could move up with me every year that would be great, " said Mcdaniel.

"This is just a life thing, it's just a life calling to me, I just love it, that just sums it up, I just love it, " said Wheelus.

Wheelus initially started out wanting to be a librian.

Wheelus started teaching in 1974 at Ashford Annex.

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