Carroll High School Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Increase in Graduation Rate and Technology Announcement

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OZARK-- Carroll High School welcomed students into the new school building one year ago Tuesday. Not only does the new state of the art facility nurture learning, the implementation of the six career-focused academies do as well.

Those academies include the Arts, Business, Human Services, Industrial Technology, Medical Science and STEM. Students have the opportunity to take classes in their chosen academy that will put them ahead of students in other communities.

Carroll High School also started a freshman academy that focuses on preparing first year students for high school.

Superintendent Michael Lenhart said the faculty and administration at Carroll High is doing all they can to set the students up for success.

"Carroll High School students, in my opinion, have an advantage over students who don't get to be in a place where they have a chance to collaborate in multi-cultural groups on real world problems," Superintendent Lenhart said.

Some additional news that Carroll High School is proud of is their top 13 percent rank among 134 Alabama school districts for graduation rates, ranking them 17th overall. The school saw an eight percent increase this year. In the past few years, the school has received a two to three percent increase in graduation rates.

Also, Carroll High School received a nearly $400,000 innovation grant from the state to use for three-dimensional learning. The school has the facility and resources already and they will move forward with plans at the beginning of the next school year.

The 3-D learning will involve 3-D glasses that allow students to tackle lessons such as dissecting the human body and building structures in their respective classes.