Career Services in Dothan

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Unemployment numbers for our country constantly fluctuate, and Wiregrass numbers reflect that same trend.

25 year old Markeevis Henry has been looking for work for six months.
Not being able to find a job in the downed economy is hard.

"I haven't been able to take interviews, anything you know I haven't been offered, anything," says Markeevis Henry.

That's taken him to the alabama career center in dothan on ross clark circle.
At this point, henry says any job will do.

"and what type of work are you looking for? Anything, retail, production, you know i am very dependable hard worker, it's just been very hard," says Markeevis Henry.

He says even though thing are hard, coming to the center makes it easier.

"Besides just doing it online, at home, you're able to talk to someone, that can refer you and give you the right services that you need to find employment," says Markeevis Henry.

The center has provided these services for years in the wiregrass area.
And anyone can take advantage of them.

"Both unemployed and employed people can come here, that's not a problem for us, we have a number of services available to help, with job search, building resumes, connecting with employers," says Alabama Career Site Manager Pam Cutchens.

Connections like a website filled with thousands of jobs, ranging from nursing positions to administrative assistance.

"We have a nice set up and internet website, employers can call us for staff assistance, they can also create their own account and go through an approval process, to actually release their own job listing," says Alabama Career Site Manager Pam Cutchens.

The center also has a Facebook page to help people find work.

The center also provides specialized services for veterans who are looking for employment.