Canada: 3 Story Icicle Forms on Apartment Building

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Apartment-dwellers on Saskatoon's west side are worried about a three-story-high icicle that's formed on the side of one of the complex's buildings.

The giant ice clump, which is more than 3 feet in circumference now, runs top to bottom down the side of the apartment building.

Among those concerned about it is Lisa Tootoosis, who lives in a basement apartment in the next building, 9 feet away.

She's concerned the icicle, once it starts to melt, could crash into her suite.

"If that thing falls off and comes through the building, I'm gonna become a Popsicle," she said today. "It scared the crap out of me."

People in the icicle-covered building say Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services has ordered that the icicle be taken down.

With lots of snow and temperatures fluctuating between mild and bitter cold, it's been a good year for big icicles.

Tootoosis says that while she's a bit nervous about the giant ice column, it's admittedly something that grabs one's attention.

"It's kind of fun, too, because you don't really see this kind of thing every day," she said.

Icicle expected to be taken down Wednesday (2/27) afternoon.

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