Cameras to be put on the Outside of Buses?

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Senator Jimmy Holley has come up with the idea of putting video cameras on the outside of buses to catch those people who go around the bus, even when the red stop sign is out and flashing.

A school bus driver’s worst enemy often seems to be those people who run the red lights and we’re not talking about traffic lights, rather the red lights blinking on the school buses stop sign.

“Parents and school officials all over Alabama recognize the need to provide as safe an environment from when kids catch the bus in the morning to they are delivered in the afternoon.” Alabama senator Jimmy Holley said.

That’s why Holley came up with legislation to try and fix the problem.

“The legislation I have would provide school superintendents with the authority to install for the help of law enforcement and for the bus drivers to install cameras on that bus.” Holley said.

These cameras would be able to record those who ignore the flashing stop sign.

“First of all it would be the fact that it should show to the individuals that routinely run the stops signs that you can’t do that anymore with immunity. Law enforcement officers has the tools now to identify you.” Holley said.

Holley says officers would be able to look at the video, find the law breakers, and present the evidence to the judge.
However, some people are opposed to this.
They feel there may be issues with how to fund it.
But Holley says, each superintendent can make that decision and of course, the legal terms would need to be worked out.

“We will have hearings on it and discussions on it, we got to make sure everybody is comfortable. You have got to present the bill and it has to be enforceable just to pass something that’s not enforceable would not be a good thing. “Holley said.

Driving past a bus that is stopped with its red flashers out is already a crime in Alabama.
Holley just hopes to catch those who disobey the law.

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