Cameras Catch Tornado's Impact at Mobile Walgreens

A house in the Midtown section of Mobile, Ala. is damaged after a tornado touched down Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2012. A Christmas Day twister outbreak left damage across the Deep South while holiday travelers in the nation's much colder midsection battled sometimes treacherous driving conditions from freezing rain and blizzard conditions. (AP Photo/, Mike Kittrell) MAGS OUT
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A tornado that hit Mobile, Alabama Christmas Day was caught on camera.

Check out this surveillance video from a Walgreens store.

It shows the twister from two different angles.

You can see sparks from power lines and transformers and the twister moves two vehicles around.

Things were back to normal Wednesday at the store, except the doors were still boarded up.

Assistant store manager Josh Holman is thankful no one was seriously hurt.

The National Weather Service says the tornado that hit Mobile was an E-F-2, meaning it had winds up to 135 miles-per-hour.

It says the twister was six-miles long and 200 yards wide.

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