CHS Open House

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The Wiregrass finally took a peek at the new and improved Carroll High School. A constant crowd roamed the halls during its open house.

“I just think it's a great step forward. I've heard a lot about it and I know a lot of people on the school board and they've done a great job,” said Bill Rein, an Ozark resident.

Students stayed eager to see their new nest.

Sophomore, Angela Flowers, exclaimed, “I think it's amazing. To be able to have the opportunity to go to school here is just incredible.”

Some said it blows the old high school away.

“The old school, you kind of looked around and thought why am I here? But you see the new school coming up in progress and it was awesome,” explained Madison Foss, a freshman at CHS.

Classrooms have that "new car" smell, and students said the new “do" motivates them.

“This is a good school and I'm just hoping that nobody graffiti’s the walls or anything because this school is just too good for that,” stated sophomore Catanya Moore.

The school does not have any lockers. Cutting-edge technology allows them to ditch the books, and go digital.

“I love it. We don't have to carry books or book bags. We have our own personal computers and I love that,” exclaimed Moore.

With a now two story school, students worried about getting lost. Yet, they say they’re ready for the adventure. The bigger and better CHS is a great advantage for the students.

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