Businesses Prepare for S.E.C Game Day

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The S.E.C Championship Game is tomorrow and local businesses are already reaping the benefits.

Beef O Brady's in Dothan is expecting an active day tomorrow.

"Tomorrow is a big game. It's good to have a team from Alabama in the S.E.C game. It's nice for business and for fans in the area," Owner Trey Mobley said.

Mobley says the hype this year is interesting.

"It's big. It's been different too, cause everybody's still talking about the iron bowl. It was probably the loudest I've ever seen, I've been here for national championship games and iron bowls nothings ever ended that way," Mobley said.

For pizza delivery. it's one of their busiest days.

"We're going to be prepping a lot before the game and we're going to bring in extra staffing," Dominos Manager Jessie Fortune said.

Fortune says they'll make 200 pizzas during the game alone.
He says the hype they see when they deliver, makes it worth the craziness.

"It's a real good thing about the games, around here it's very big," Fortune said.

Around the circle at ScreenTech, they're ready to rumble.

"It's going to be a chaotic day but it's going to be a fun day too," ScreenTech Owner Shannon Collins said.

Collins says they've seen a 25% to 30% increase in sales this year compared to last.

"We've seen more business, predominately the people pulling for Auburn, their alumni and fans because certainly this season was unexpected. The amount of wins they had and just dramatically the way they won in the end," Collins said.

In the end, fans of both of Alabama's team's win for their spirit and game day hype.

"The passion of the fans in the state of Alabama have for their football teams is unmatched," Collins said.