Business is Booming in Dothan

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It's as easy as one...two...three and a new business can open its doors. And lately several businesses have done just that in Dothan.e very know Dothan is kinda obviously the hub of this area."

A hub that his business now calls home.

"I've had gyms in smaller towns around the area and had people from Dothan come to me but now I feel like I'm in the middle of them and it's been amazing it's really been nice being right here in the center of things," says BBS owner Scotty Cox.

Cox isn't the only one cashing in on the Circle City. Tim Watson's business has put down roots here as well.

"Dothan has been amazing...the Wiregrass is a great area. The people here have accepted my business real well," says Watson.

And that makes Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz pretty happy. Mayor Schmitz says local businesses like Hometown Lenders won't just make a profit, but they'll bring along with them a wealth of opportunities to the Circle City.

"What that means is jobs and opportunities and sales tax revenues and I think the economy is stabilizing so 12 was a good year for us," says Schmitz.

We sat down with the Chamber of Commerce to get a closer look at the impact of these new businesses and the outlook is positive.

"They pay taxes and all of those and that's what make a city grow and at the same time be prosperous." A prosperity that McKeen credits to the people in the area.

"If you have the people who are dedicated and the officials within the city that work together then you can be successful and that's what we have here in Dothan," adds McKeen.

A success that she hopes will continue.

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