Burglary Arrests in DeFuniak Springs

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On 11/29/2012, DeFuniak Springs Police responded to a 911 call for service regarding a business alarm and possible burglary that had just occurred.

While on scene Officers spoke to the 911 caller who provided a suspect description and direction of travel. It was discovered that forced entry was made into the rear of the business. A search of the area for the alleged suspect led to negative findings.

Officers then began investigating the 911 caller who had initially called 911 and reported the alarm of the business. It was discovered the subject called 911 and provided a false suspect description, attempting to elude police in their investigation.

Upon interviewing the subject, he admitted to burglarizing two area businesses and a storage shed. The subject also implicated accomplices in the crimes. The accomplices were contacted and confirmed their involvement and named additional accomplices and crimes they participated in.

During the investigation, Officers identified several juvenile and adult subjects of interest. After having interviewed all subjects, they were identified as suspects involving multiple burglaries in DeFuniak Springs.

Officers were able to recover some of the stolen property, including four firearms that had been stolen during separate burglaries. A total of 45 warrants were prepared based on the criminal violations. All suspects have been apprehended at this time for criminal violations relating to the burglaries of unoccupied structures/ conveyances, armed burglaries of unoccupied conveyances, grand theft, petit theft, theft of firearms, and dealing in stolen property.

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