Building Homes in Remembrance

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Twelve years ago, Brannan Vines' life changed.

“As that second plane hit he said honey, you know, I have do this,” said Vines, wife of a veteran.

The 9/11 attacks prompted her husband to enlist in the army. When he returned from Iraq, painful memories followed.

“I got home a new husband,” she said.

However, one phone call saved her marriage, and her husband's life. Vines started volunteering with nonprofits for veterans. She said giving back taught her to cope and help her husband through post traumatic stress disorder.

Vines said, “One of the, sort of the points about September 11th being called a day of service, and it's one of the points about what Habitat for Humanity does, but part of what has gotten me through as a relatively young, full time caregiver of a hero that I love, is the process of giving back.”

Giving back is how she spent 9/11’s 12th Anniversary. She stopped in Kinsey, where Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity volunteers were hard at work.

“There were so many lives that were lost and so many were affected because of the events on 9/11 that for us, it's an honor to be able to pay tribute to those,” said Amy Schutz, Executive Director of Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity.

They refinished a roof for one of their Habitat for Humanity families. Custom Roofing and Construction volunteered their services, and they finished before lunch time.

“I think that they're a great example of that, of what it means to give back to somebody,” said Vines.

Vines said being an army wife has challenges every day.

“The bad doesn't have to be what defines you,” she said.

It's the work of nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity that keeps her Army Strong.

Visit our 4 More Info tab to learn how to volunteer with Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity or nonprofits that help veterans and their families.

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