Brundidge Prepares for Peanut Butter Festival

Brundidge, AL - Preparations are underway for the annual peanut butter festival in Brundidge. The lunch box staple is an important part of the city’s history.

Downtown is decorated, booths are being marked, and the peanut butter is ready.

“Everything you see around here is going to be slammed full with tables, tents, and people on both sides of the street. It’s just going to be a really great day,” says Brundidge Historical Society President Lawrence Bowden.

This Saturday, the city of Brundidge will celebrate its rich heritage with the annual Peanut Butter Festival.

“We want people to know what Brundidge is all about, and where we come from, who we are, and why we act like we. We want them to know why we like peanut butter,” says Bowden.

That heritage began back in the late 1920s when one of the southeast’s first peanut butter manufacturing plants got started right here in Brundidge.

In celebration, each year you can find arts and crafts, food, entertainment, a recipe contest and even a Nutter Butter Parade in downtown.

“Oh it has grown. It has really grown each year. The food gets better, and we have more food vendors. There are more fun things to do,” says volunteer Delatha Mobley.

They continue to make plans for improvement. Organizers say the new peanut butter plant in Troy, Golden Boy Foods, has pledged to be part of the festival in the future.

Bowden says, “They couldn’t make it this year because they weren’t quite ready. I’m hopeful they’re going probably going to make peanut butter for us on site next year.”

The festival will get started at 8 Saturday morning and wraps up at about 4:30 in the afternoon.

8:00 AM: Peanut Butter 5K Run
8:30 AM Official Opening Of The Festival, Entertainment Begins On Both Stages
10:00 AM Peanut Butter Recipe Contest, George Washington Carver at Library
1:00 PM Nutter Butter Parade
2- 4:30 PM Continuous Entertainment and Activities

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