"Brown Bagging" Exception passes Dothan Commission 6-1

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DOTHAN,AL--You may be able to bring your own alcoholic beverage to the next event at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds. For example, a festival like Toadlick.

Tuesday Dothan city commissioners approved a 'brown bagging' exception for the fairgrounds.

A few conditions apply.
The event must be a "special event" and can not last more than three days.
Commissioners say the fairgrounds board doesn't need to be micro-managed.

"Simply exempting them from our brown bag ordinance allowed them to run their facility as they see fit, they were already operating properly without the ordinance in affect so I saw no reason why we should continue putting them under the same restrictions as we put some other organizations," said District 6 Commissioner Hamp Baxley.

This doesn't automatically apply to every event at the fairgrounds.
Someone from the fairgrounds board must make a written request to have the event include "brown bagging."

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