Brown Bag Program Needs Soup Cans For Seniors

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It's a program more than 16-hundred seniors in the wiregrass rely on.

“People over sixty will be able to get a box of groceries every month. “ Assistant director of the Wiregrass area united way food bank Sherley Henderson said.

The brown bag program hopes to ease the strain on seniors' wallets.
Many have to spend money on medication and don't have much left over to feed themselves.

“And for the community to help us get it out is to pay five dollars a month, or at $1.25 a week. That means if you give up a cup of tea, you can help out a brown bagger..” Henderson said.

This year, Henderson is trying to go a bit further. She wants to add more cans to each brown bag.
A simple item that for some, could be the difference between someone going to bed hungry or full.

“We're trying to do an extra six cans a box. Either can be cans or dry soup items or instant soup items. No matter what, we are trying to get six different soup items into our brown bags.” Henderson said.

This equals out to about an extra six pounds of food.
And volunteers who have been helping out for years say there's no better feeling than helping someone out.

“I get a thrill. I love feeding people and I hate seeing them go to bed hungry so it’s a help to my heart feeding someone else and making sure they get something on their table.” Volunteer Theresa Durant said.

Each brown bag is delivered on the third week of the month, when many seniors have their bills coming out of their account.

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