Brotherhood Ride Makes Stop in Dothan

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(Dothan, AL)--Each year hundreds of first responders die while on duty, but one cause is making sure those lives aren't forgotten.

The Brotherhood Ride, a group of fire fighters and police officers, has been bicycling for several days now. They honor those fallen by riding through their hometown.

This year the group's route includes visiting parts of Florida, Alabama and Tennessee.

"The brotherhood started when we lost 9 people in South Carolina and I've been riding in it ever since," Firefighter John Cole said.

So far the group has faced rain, wind, and hills, but no-one gets left behind.

"Our group is very supportive, if one person falls down, we pick them back up," Cole said. "We push hard because we want the fallen to know that we haven't forgotten them." he said. "We know they would do the same for us."

The Brotherhood is a non-profit organization. If you would like to get more information or make a charitable donation, click on the link below.

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