Brotherhood Ride Coming to Dothan

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On Monday, May 6, 2013, the Brotherhood Ride will be riding bicycles into the City of Dothan as they travel to Tennessee in honor of a fallen firefighter. The Brotherhood Ride’s mission is to honor police officers and firefighters who have died in the line of duty. They also provide emotional support to the families that are left behind. This dedicated group shows their support by showing the families that a year after tragedy, there are first responders who have not forgotten the sacrifice their loved ones made that day

This year the team will be riding bicycles through the state of Florida to honor Florida's Fallen First Responders. The group will then travel through Alabama and into Decaturville, TN to honor the memory of Fire Chief Kenny Fox. On Monday May 6, 2013 they will be stopping for the night in Dothan, AL and will be staying at Dothan’s Westgate Recreation Center. The team will arrive at approximately 6pm, but will vary depending on their travel time as they pedal in from Tallahassee, FL. The team will have 30 firefighters and police officers from across America coming to Dothan.

The team has asked that we invite our friends in the media to come out and join us as they fellowship with members of our local public safety community, Monday night at Westgate Recreation Center.

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