Bringing Home Ryan

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ENTERPRISE -- Sometimes the best family is not the one you're born with but the one you make for yourself. For Baby Ryan, his new family has loved him from continent to continent.

Enterprise Residents Scott and Natasha Chalker have been working for nearly two years on the necessary paper work, training and preparations for Ryan's arrival from India.

They said that staying committed to the tedious process of adoption can be the most challenging part.

"It can take a toll on you emotionally because when you start it, and when you're matched with your child, you view that as your child and it's never going to go as quick as you want it to," Scott Chalker said.

The Chalkers, and their two children, Katie and Braden, credit the power of prayer as the driving force in preparing them for this crucial journey.

"We started off by pursuing a little girl and it wasn't too long into the process when God had sort of changed direction and they had this little boy," Chalker said. "There was very little discussion about it."

The Indian Government has granted the Chalkers verbal partnership. They are just waiting to receive final confirmation from the orphanage.
The couple expects they will travel to India sometime in either December or January to pick up their son.

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