400 High School Boys attend Youth Summit

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DOTHAN, AL--It's the age old question, most high school students are faced to answer.

Do you know what you want to do when you grow up?
"business probably," said Cottonwood HS 10TH grader, Torenzo Perry.

Students like 10th grader Torenzo Perry has an idea but, Friday's career summit may add more to his list of possibilities.

"There's a lot of things in life that i haven't had the chance to do yet and i plan on trying some of these things," said Perry.

And it's the same for 11th grader Caleb Wooten.

Do you know what you want to do when you grow up?
"I'm thinking about the Medical field a little bit," said Wooten.

The medical field with a concentration on physical therapy.

"You always need medical it doesn't go away," added Wooten.

There's about 25 displays where students can get information, see demonstrations and speak with instructors.

"We're featuring not only our 7 health programs but our 15 career technical programs as well as academic transfer programs that are available to them," said Skills Mentor Debi Breedlove.

With so much to choose from and explore it's not surprising that Caleb and Torenzo now have a few other career paths to consider.

"Radiology, I'm a little into bones and how they break and everything," said Perry.

"The auto mechanic that's really interesting I really like that kind of stuff," said Wooten.

Caleb says an event like this helps a lot.

"It let's us know what's out there and we're not just couched up in our little old town."

And now he and many other students may want to take a second before they answer that age old question.

The boys and girls were intentionally separated for this event.
The career youth summit for girls was held last week at WCC.

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