Book Brigade at the New Downtown Library

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Two new Dothan libraries will be having grand-opening ceremonies Monday but before that, the library needed some assistance from the community. The new downtown location hosted a book brigade.

The book brigade is the ceremonial moving of the last one-hundred books from the old library to the new library. This event included a lot of children from the Wiregrass area.

We literally joined a chain of people and passed those books one at a time,” said Slingluff.

Jennifer Perdue brought her children Kobe and Ella, they are supporting their public library, a place that they enjoy visiting.

"I'm glad and really excited because we're going to have a lot of new books and I love reading and so and this is going to be a big help for everybody that likes reading," said Kobe Perdue, a book brigade volunteer.

"I just think it means a lot for our community to have our young people take part in something historical to get such a new library and have the old books come into the new building. It's just a big moment for them and it's really exciting to see all of the kids out to support and the communities support for the new libraries," said Jennifer Perdue.

Making the momentum that much stronger before Monday's grand openings. The downtown library Ceremony will begin at 10 am tomorrow morning and the Westgate location will begin at 1 pm.

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