Boll Weevil 100: Riding for a cause

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It is more than just a bike ride. Bikers will pedal on May 11th to honor wounded veterans during the Boll Weevil 100 in Enterprise. It is a cause that hits close to home in the Wiregrass.

Conrad Stempel/, Enterprise Lions Club said, “These are our friends and neighbors and family members coming back and rejoining after tremendous sacrifice for our country.”

The Enterprise Lions Club recognized the Computer Sciences Corp and Flight School Twenty-One earlier Friday in Daleville, as a way to say ‘thank you’ for contributing to the event.

In the pack of cyclists, are wounded veterans themselves. They will come from transition units in the southeast. The 100-mile challenge is called a ride, not a race, for a reason.

“When you are on a long bike ride, you can sprint but eventually you are going to have to slow down. And you tend to go with the pack and it becomes a conversational thing,” Chief Warrant Officer Juan Morales, representative of Veterans Support Southeast said.

Morales says the unity of a bike ride helps vets to open up. “We get veterans out and they come out of their shell by talking to other veterans. And more importantly talking to the public,” he said.

The bikes used are not your average bike. They come with a much larger price tag.

“They are built for long efficient riding a Walmart bike can’t do that,” he said.

The Enterprise Lions Club has been able to sponsor these special bikes for wounded veterans programs to promote cycling as a form of rehab. This year’s bike makes the seventh donation.

A $1,000 donation will sponsor a wounded veteran with wheels for the Boll Weevil 100. It covers the cost of the bike and grants the vet access to all the weekends’ different activities.

The Boll Weevil 100 is way to not only honor our wounded vets, but a way for them to heal, together.

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