Boating Safety During Labor Day

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"We come here to tube and spend time with our family and roast marshmallows and stuff, " said Laura Kate Wilson and Claira Wilson, while they were enjoying a day out on Lake Eufaula with their family.

There's nothing like a day on the lake spent with family and friends or just taking in the solitude of it all.

"Just getting away from it all and just getting out there, getting peace and quiet, getting out there in the middle of the lake where you can't hear traffic, cell phones, " said boater, Dan Zapata.

But while having a good time authorities say it's important to remember that safety comes first.

Boaters agree, they always make sure they are up to date on the latest laws and take proper precautions.

"Make sure no one is drinking and driving and make sure we stay out of others boaters way, " said another man enjoying the day.

"The best thing you can do is wear your life jacket, life jackets will save lives. Next thing is have a kill switch. This one wraps around my wrist and so if the boat is running full speed, then if i was to fall out of the boat, it would cut the engine, " said Zapata.

And there is no age limit on knowing what it takes to keep safe while on the water.

"You have to have a boat license to drive a boat. Stay in your seat, don't stand up in the boat, have your life jacket on at all times," said another boater Brayden Jones.

"It's important that we wear our life vest because if we drown, this will save us, " said the Wilson's.

"We got life vest for everybody in the boat, plus small kids have to have them on at all times, " said boater Greg Whitaker.

It's also important to make sure all the equipment on your boat is working properly before taking it out.

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