Blood Donor Awareness Month

Photo by Johnny Jackson LifeSouth Donor Services Specialist Adam Ward attempts to draw a blood donation from Stockbridge resident, Brandon Dubbs, a regular blood donor at LifeSouth.
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Danielle Hoke is helping restock the shelves, just like she has been for the past four years.

Hoke said, “When I was working at the medical center, I was a secretary who used to run down and get blood for the nurses. We went through a lot of blood.”

So Hoke, like many, knew it was time to give back.

Hoke said, “I asked where they got it from and they told me LifeSouth and another blood bank. I looked them up and started donating.”

Dothan LifeSouth Regional Manager Beverly Holland says it's people like Hoke who make a big impact, especially during the holidays.

Holland said, “The more people that you have out of their normal routine, who might normally come in to donate, they're traveling doing their holiday business. That also puts more people on the road and unfortunately, that can mean higher accident risks. More accidents mean more blood is needed.”

So after the holidays, LifeSouth is still looking for the gift that keeps on giving.

Holland said, “January has been designated as the Blood Donor Awareness Month. One donor can save three lives by breaking that one unit of blood into three components.”

And one donor like Hoke can make all the difference.

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