Blind Artist Asks Community to Help Restore Vision

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A local artist is asking for help to restore her sight.

In 2011, Savannah Betten was diagnosed with Keratoconus, a degenerative eye condition that causes the cornea to thin out over time.

The illness has eroded most of Betten's vision, making it impossible for her to work, complete some tasks at home, and create the artwork she used to make and sell.

Betten says that according to specialists, a ring can be inserted into the cornea as a permanent contact lens to correct vision. The problem is that the operation will cost more than $10,000.

With no health insurance and little income between the two of them, Betten and husband have started a crowd-sourced campaign at

Strangers and friends alike have helped to raise more than a tenth of that goal, but Betten says there is still a long way to go before she can get the operation she needs to see clearly.

"If I can see again, I'll be able to do art again, work again," says Betten. "It'll change everything."

If you would like to donate, visit the link above.

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