Blakely Veterans to be Remembered in New Park

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Veterans in Blakely, Georgia will be remembered long past this Veteran’s Day.

“Our plan is to erect a memorial park out on the bypass and what we plan to do is put on granite each war the people who actually lost their lives and served,” explained American Legion Post 11 Commander Kenneth Hall.

The names of residents who served in the United States in all wars and conflicts were read today on the Courthouse Square. In the new park, those names and their sacrifices will be remembered forever.

“Everybody you know is called to serve and you serve the best you can for your country and you do what you are asked to do and then you come home and everything is fine,” explained Charles Robertson a Vietnam Veteran.

The land for the park was received by the state earlier this year. While a date has not been set for the park to be started the plans for the park carry its own meaning.

“I think when you see the numbers and you see the names on there it means, it is even more important. I think there are a lot of people that don't realize the number of people that in this small county, actually fought in the war and lost their lives and were buried so we are going to, so when they see those names we want them to be remembered and see what they actually did for our community and for our country,” said Hall.

Robertson further explained by saying, “what we are trying to do now is not just recognize today but and recognize in the future.”

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