Blakely Theater to Become Community Playhouse

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The renovation of the Court Square in Blakely is taking center stage. Early County recently bought the old movie theater with plans to turn it into a community playhouse. The Blakely Theater was built in 1936 but stopped being used in the 1980s.After a few failed attempts to restore it, the county commission decided it was time to try again. The upcoming renovation is a welcome change for store owners, who say that restoring empty buildings on the Square will help bring in business and improve life for everyone in town.

Three Diamonds owner Steve Anderson says he is enthusiastic about “anything like that, that could bring people to town beyond business hours even, that'd be family friendly. And that would benefit us all just to have more people on the square.”

The Playhouse will feature a proscenium stage and will host a variety of community theater events throughout the year. The Peter's Rexall Building next door is also being restored and will house the new county administration office and chamber of commerce.