Blakely Officials Discuss Peanut Corp. of America Plant Salmonella Trial

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"When the salmonella incident first happened it was a detriment to this community because a lot of people lost their jobs, people lost their lives, it was a real big shock to the community just because of what happened and how it happened,” Blakely’s Mayor Anthony Howard said.

With the trial underway and the possibility of months to go till any resolution is reached, it's the talk of the town.

"It seems as though they're doing a very thorough job with the trial, it's brought back memories of the incident. My hope is that they just get to a point where they can put some finality to it and find out who was responsible and let justice be served,” Howard said.

The town's recovery after the shocking incident started with the creation of peanut proud and everyone coming together.

"Peanut Proud came into play. The peanut farmers in the region really banded together and kept going. We have maintained the reputation as one of the greatest peanut producing regions in the United States. It says a lot to the character of our community. The people who had part in the company there, that's being taken care of in the courts of law,” Blakely-Early Co. Chamber Director, Kyle Kornegay said.

In the meantime, many people in Early County have noticed a new sign pop up at the old Peanut Corp. of America Plant.

"The building, I've had several people tell me off and on they just wish the building were demolished. I noticed the other day the building is up for auction. J. Durham has a sign to auction the building so we'll see what happens there,” Howard said.

The auction for the 33,000 square foot building is set for Thursday October 9th at 10 a.m.

It will be a live on-site auction.