Blakely Named Among Georgia's Safest Cities

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The City of Blakely is named one of the 50 safest cities in the state of Georgia. looked at the most-recent FBI crime reports and combined those statistics with their own research.

Blakely is ranked 49 out of 50 safest cities in Georgia with populations of at least 5,000 people.
The city reported no murders and only 2-robberies in all of 2012.

Those who keep the city and early county safe say they appreciate the positive feedback.

"It's telling us that we're doing something right and we're just a hometown," says Captain Sandra Martin of Early County Sheriff's Office. "It's like a big family. Everybody knows everybody. If my family is hurt then i have the community and neighbors coming up to help and being there for each other."

3 other southwest Georgia cities were included. They are Adel in Cook County, Cairo in Grady County, and Camilla in Mitchell County.

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