Bike Patrol Cuts Crime

Dothan, AL - Some Dothan police officers are going to be putting more miles on their bikes.

The department is seeing positive results after increasing the bike unit two months ago. Because of that success the bike patrol is targeting another issue in the circle city.

Most people take a detour through Dothan's Garden District to see the old southern charm and beauty.

But for Dothan bike patrol officers, they’re just on duty.

“People that are out exercising and walking, they feel like they can approach us,” said Dothan Police Lieutenant Todd David.

The Dothan Police Department hopes that comfort helps them solve a growing problem in the Garden District. Ten car break ins in the area in just two days.

“Well it's kind of scary. You just feel like somebody is invading your privacy. That made me feel great that he and other patrol people are out in the neighborhood,” said resident Millie Armstrong.

Officers aren't just in the Garden District though.

Officer Matt Krabbe said, “We've prevented a lot, I think, we've noticed a big difference in the housing projects of people being out and about. There are actually kids being out instead of criminals.”

During July and August, bike officers made more than 100 arrests, many involving drugs.

Officer Tim Powell said, “It's not uncommon for us to get in a foot pursuit a day. Or for each of us to have a drug arrest a day just because there's so much of it out there. We're cleaning it up one day at a time.”

David said the bike officers also issued 34 citations. Many are for illegally parking in handicapped spaces.

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