Big Surprise for Children’s Hospital

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(Ozark, AL)—More than a dozen law enforcement agencies across the state will make a surprise entrance at Children’s Hospital of Alabama Thursday.

“We’ve only had a few weeks to put it together, but every agency in our area has teamed up to do this,” Dale County Sheriff Tim McDonald said. “We thought this would be a very fun, unique thing to be a part of that would make the children happy,” he said.

Children at the hospital will be able to watch 16 helicopters make a grand entrance as they drop off the toys, other truckloads will be driven to Birmingham as well.

“Being a father, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have a child constantly in a hospital,” McDonald said. “We hope this surprise can put them in a positive place and away from their problems,” he said.

Helicopters will leave Ozark at eight o’clock Thursday morning. Organizers will continue the event again next year.

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