Beverlye Magnet School Participate In "Shark Tank" Type Program

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Students at one wiregrass school got a chance to see what is like to start their own non-profit organization.

Eighth graders at Beverlye Magnet School researched or created their own non-profit charity that they would like to get started in the community.

They presented their ideas to a group of panelists, just like the TV show Shark Tank.

Ideas ranged from the American Cancer Society to the House of Ruth and Tennis for Teens.

"I think it is a good idea because it opens up young people's minds to different problems that are happening in the world around us and we need to know more information so maybe in the future or even now we can help out and find resolutions to these problems," said Evie Saliba, an eighth grader.

This is just the first step in the project.

Students will continue working to help their chosen organization or get their organization started.

The winners of the project are Brian Wesley. his idea was an after school art program for the school, and Emmy Dawsey, she wanted to start a prom dress exchange program.

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