Better Business Bureau Warns Against Plane Ticket Scam

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Pensacola, Fla. (February 13, 2013) – Consumers nationwide, including northwest Florida, are receiving letters stating that they have won two round-trip tickets courtesy of American Airlines or US Airlines with a retail value of up to $1,298. US Airlines is not a real company, and this letter is not from the real American Airlines.

Recipients of the letter are encouraged to call a provided number and then invited to attend a presentation. Upon arrival at the presentation, attendees discover the meeting is not hosted by American Airlines or US Airlines, but a travel package agency.

Documents acquired by BBB indicate the Daytona, Florida firm behind this promotion has numerous complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau.

BBB tips for purchasing a travel package:

Ø Find out exactly what the package contains in terms of transportation and accommodations and for how many people

Ø How much money must be given as a deposit, if the deposit is refundable, and how much is later required.

Ø Get the name of the hotel, personally confirm all reservations, and get written verification.

Ø Before you decide to accept this type of offer do comparative shopping with a local travel agency before making your final decision. Companies that offer this type of service in Florida are required to be registered with the Sellers of Travel Act at 800-435-7352.

Ø Do not be pressured by any company to give an immediate decision or to give your cash, check, or credit card number until you are satisfied

For additional information and advice you can trust, start with or call 850.429.0002 or 800.729.9226.

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