Bentley Opponent Releases Tax Return

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- One of Gov. Robert Bentley's opponents in the Republican primary for governor has released his income tax return.

Former Morgan County Commissioner Stacy George of Baileyton reported that his only income was his paycheck as a correctional officer in a state prison. His total pay was $38,099, and his taxable income was $34,940. He paid $2,708 in federal taxes.

Bentley has been releasing his income tax returns since he ran for governor in 2010. His latest return showed $372,687 in adjusted gross income. That includes proceeds from selling his interest in a medical building, IRA distributions and Social Security.

George says he released his return Wednesday to show that he's more like the average Alabama citizen.

Bentley, George and Bob Starkey face off in the Republican primary June 3.

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