Bentley Pushes for Pre-K Programs

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Governor Bentley says he wants to see more pre-k programs throughout the state, so more children will be prepared for elementary school.
Superintendent Tim Wilder says it's news the school board has been waiting for.

“We’ve been looking at that in Dothan the last eight months or so.” Dothan superintendent Tim Wilder said.

Governor Robert Bentley wants to allow more access for children to get into pre-k.

“That's where it all begins; that's the foundation and I know that there are kindergarten teachers and our elementary principals that are glad to hear there is push.” Wilder said.

Wilder says this is important because year after year, students come into elementary school unprepared.

“We have to spend months and months teaching them basics such as how to spell their names or colors and things like that.” Wilder said.

And Governor Bentley addressed another issue last night, giving Alabama teachers a 2 and a half percent raise.

“It's better than nothing but they're certainly worth a lot more than that. But unfortunately, we are under the constraints of a tight budget and they have to prioritize that money. I understand and respect that.” Wilder said.

Wilder says he hopes there can still be negotiations to increase that percent even higher.

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