Beauty Supply Stores are Targets for Shoplifters

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Shoplifters are targeting a new product and it is putting hair supply stores at a disadvantage.

Shoplifters think they can get away with crime but shop owners are saying no.

"I have had a girl think she can just walk out when them on and I was like 'baby are you going to pay for the shoes?'," said Essie Fenn, owner of Essie Beauty Supply and Fashion.

"Two girls came in looking suspicious because they keep watching me and not really shopping they kept watching me and going into spots that I couldn't see and they thought I couldn't see them but I really could and they didn't buy anything so I think that is what they were trying to do," said Latasha Miller of M&J Beauty Supply and Fashion.

Shop owners say acknowledging customers entering a store is the first step in stopping shoplifters.

"First thing I say is 'welcome to Essie Beauty Supply are you looking for something special or would you just like to look around' and and that is my job too I am looking around with them making them feel comfortable at the same time and I'm watching you you don't know that," said Fenn.

And not only are they watching, but so is something else.

"We have two cameras running," said Fenn.

Security cameras are a shoplifters worse enemy, it allows the shop to keep an eye on customers without them knowing.

"You have to watch you can't sit here and eat you can't go in the back and leave them once you hear that bell hit you on it," said Fenn.

Besides being alert, there are other ways to prevent theft.

"I don't leave any money in here and I told you on the door out there no money is left in here I mean why would I do that I know what you are looking for and then I don't leave my door open when we leave we lock the door I secure everything down," said Fenn.

Securing everything to make sure their business are protected.

Beauty supply owners also say they are suspicious of people who come into stores in large groups and it does not matter if the customer has a small purse or not, anyone can hide products anywhere.

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