Beasley Honda Celebrates 50 Years of Business

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An Ozark business celebrates 50 years of service with the Wiregrass community.

Beasley Honda, held a customer appreciation event this morning to thank shoppers for their support over the past half-century. Over the past 50 years, Beasley Honda has expanded tremendously, now the power sports dealer sells Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki products. Jerry Beasley, the man behind the franchise in Ozark, still comes to work every day at the young age of 79.

"The story he always tells, there was two Honda motorcycles when he actually started this. And now that it has developed, we have the side by sides, the motorcycles, the scooters, and then the different style bikes all the way across the board. It's really changed, just my seven years in the business everything has changed dramatically," said Denny Johnson, the Vice President and Business Manager of Beasley Honda.

Ozark mayor Billy Blackwell and Alabama state representative Steve Clouse were there to celebrate with the Beasley Honda family as well.

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