Bay Co. Sheriff to Honor K9s This Weekend

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The Bay County Sheriff's Office is sponsoring the K9 Veterans Memorial Service to be held this Sunday at the Veterans Park in Callaway.

The event is held each year to honor past, present, and future working dogs to include military, law enforcement, and civilian K9 dogs. Because of the threat of terrorist attacks at home, more dogs than would normally be associated with the term "war dog" are now used to keep ports, bases, fuel dumps, airports, and borders safe. This memorial service is being held to honor Police, Customs, Border Patrol, Secret Service, FBI, Military, ATF, Airport, and Search and Rescue K9s, some of which gave their life at Ground Zero in New York City.

The event will be held Sunday March 10, at 1 p.m. at the Veterans Park at 5916 Cherry Street in Callaway.

They have all served to save and all deserve to be remembered.

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