Baton Rouge Police: 'Auburn Fan' Steals Truck, Kidnaps Woman, Hits 9 Cars, Cites 'Grand Theft Auto'

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An Auburn fan was arrested in Louisiana on Friday night after he allegedly tried to play the video game “Grand Theft Auto” in real life.

Zachary Burgess, 33, of Hoover, is charged with theft of a motor vehicle, kidnapping and nine counts of hit and run.

Police in Baton Rouge say Burgess admitted to them that he wanted to see what “Grand Theft Auto” would be like in real life.

According to police reports, a man left his truck running in a parking lot with a woman still inside. Burgess allegedly got in and tried to drive away. However, there were cars blocking the driveway. Police say Burgess began ramming the parked cars.

Burgess is a member of the Auburn University lacrosse team. He was arrested on Saturday morning in Baton Rouge and was released on $80,000 bond on Sunday.

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