Baseball Brings Big Bucks to Ozark

Ozark, AL - There are peanuts, cheering fans and the unmistakable crack of the bat. The Community College Conference Baseball Tournament is back in Ozark.

“The competition level has been unbelievable. The kids are out playing hard. The games have been really close,” said Mike Smith.

The tournament has brought ten college baseball teams from every corner of the state, and with them… fans.

Steve Sherrill, Ozark Leisure Services Director, has helped with more than ten junior college state tournaments, and he says about 15,000 people are in town staying at local hotels and eating at area restaurants.

“You know there is economic impact and that is important, but there’s also the exposure that it brings to the town from people that would never come here any other way. Last night we were sitting around a lot of the local folks, maybe 50-75, that just love to watch baseball,” said Sherrill.

Wallace Community College and the city of Ozark are partnering to sponsor the tournament. This is the fourth year Eagle Stadium has been filled with top level talent. The championship game is set to be played Thursday.

“I really like the scouts that come in from different colleges. You build new relationships and you get to talking to them and it could provide more opportunities to host their conference tournament or other games down the road,” said Sherrill.

But for now, Smith is focused on this game. Hoping his son’s team comes out on top.

He said, “I’m enjoying the games, and it’s a great place to be right now.”

The tournament will be held at Eagle Stadium for the next two years.

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