Bama Brawl Promoters Hope To Bring More Events To Dothan

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"I don't always have to leave to have fun, I can have fun right here "

That's the message Bama Brawl promoter and boxer Nate Campbell wants to get out to the community.

Bama Brawl is a weekend of events, Vegas style.

"The reason we call Bama Brawl weekend because we didn't just want to bring a fight, we wanted to bring a weekend experience. When I would go to Vegas, I would see Vegas would always have a weekend experience, so I wanted to bring those kind of experiences on a smaller scale to smaller places that don't get them so you don't have to go to Vegas you can stay home, " says Campbell.

Boxer Daniel Mizell will be fighting in the main event this weekend.

After his stint with the Navy in Afghanistan, Mizell got into boxing and with Dothan being home, it's perfect time, perfect place.

"I'm excited, I really just want a good turn out, I think it's for everybody in Dothan. I really want people to be apart of this weekend, " said Mizell.

"It is an extreme testament to the city of Dothan, for you to come out and support what comes to your city, " said Campbell.

And with the support of the city and Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz, the possibilities are endless.

"I went over and I sat with him the first time, he said lets do it. He said I'll do everything i can to help you make it happen, he's done exactly what he said, hes been our biggest supporter, hes been our biggest champion, " said Campbell.

"I want them to enjoy the show, I want them to come out and have fun so possibly in September we can come out again, " said Mizell.

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