Balloon Release in Memory of Murder Victim

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Friends and family united at Grace Dedert's grave. They released balloons in her memory.

"It’s more like we're releasing prayers and wishes to mom,” said her daughter, Terrie Davis-Drury.

On March 17, 2010, Dedert was murdered in her furniture store on South Park Avenue. Leads have come and gone over the past three years. Detectives said this case is frustrating, but it isn't closed until it's over.

“Obviously somebody knows something and if they could put their self in this family's position and imagine if that was your mother or your sister or your daughter that had been murdered, how important, you would want someone to come forward,” explained lead detective in the case, Will Glover.

“We want to keep her name out there, because I just feel like somebody knows something. And people are scared to talk,” expressed Drury.

Dedert's daughters lit up when they spoke of her. She was a loving nurse, a devoted mother, and always gave her best to others. Forgiveness is hard, but letting go is even harder.

Drury sighed, "I kind of pile things up and I come out here and release them a little bit and it's good to be with family and it’s good to be with friends."

These vigils may ease the pain, but family members said only justice can give them closure.

"She was in there minding her own business and somebody came in and shot her. Okay? Why? Why would you do that?" Drury demanded.

Glover added, "They really deserve to know what happened to their mother on that date."

They may have released balloons, but they will never release their mother's memory. They will hold vigils every year until they get closure. They need someone to come forward so they can finally let go. If you have any information regarding the case you're urged to call Crimestoppers at 334-793-7000

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