Ball gets Rolling on E911 Joint Comm. Center

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After several meetings and talks the ball is now rolling.
Wednesday the E-911 Advisory Committee agreed on recommendations to present to the Dothan Houston County Communications District Board.

"We've got the location on where we're going to put it nailed down, we feel like that's where it'll be built," said Houston County EMA Director Clark Matthews.

The land the committee has chosen sits at the corner of N. Cherry St. and E. Adams in downtown Dothan.
Members say the area was first thought of in 2007 and after several other considerations they come back to the spot.

"It is centrally located within the city, close by the other city and county offices, plus we have an over flow parking lot area that we'll be able to use," said E-911 Coordinator Steve Collins.

The committee set a preliminary size of 7000 square feet to house both the county and city operators.
The decision still has to be made if the EMA will be housed in the new building as well.

"A lot of that goes back funding and the ability of the city and county to fund those costs," added Collins.

After hearing from two consultants and an architect, the advisory committee has recommended the hire of E-911 consultant Lee Moore at $1500 a month.

"We feel like we'll make our money back with his experience, the do's and dont's," said Matthews.

Once the district board gives the committee the go-ahead.
They'll hire the consultant and work on floor plans and costs.

There were also talks of an official name for the new building.
One committee member suggested "The City of Dothan, Houston County Communication Center."
But as of now, no name has been chosen.

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