Baker Hill Loses Rescue Squad

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A Wiregrass town is without emergency medical services after the department gave up their license.

It all started with an email to the Alabama Department of Public Health about the condition of the Baker hill Emergency medical vehicles.

Now that the rescue squad is no longer operational.

Director of the health department, Dennis Blair says representatives from the squad told him a few trucks were down and their Medicaid had changed making it difficult for them to stay open.

Blair says the squad then voluntarily gave up their license.

With an EMS no longer in their community, residents are concerned about wait times.

"I don't like it because they are right across the street and and with my health the way it is and so it makes it inconvenient because I know that nobody can come get me right away and the ambulance service has to come in all the way from Eufuala," said Carolyn Shoemaker, Baker Hill resident.

Blair wants the public to know the squad shutting down did not have to do with patient care.

And they have a chance to reopen if they pass an inspection.

Eufuala and Clayton will now service the Baker Hill area.

The Baker Hill Volunteer Fire Department is still up and running.

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