Backwards Bowler Striking for New World Record

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ROCKFORD, IL - On first glance, this may look and sound like your typical strike. But Andrew Cohen is anything but a typical bowler.

He holds the world record for backwards bowling with a score of 280, but he's not satisfied with that. Cohen says he wants to backwards bowl a 300.

One of the most common questions Andrew gets is how do you do it.

"Well, you are going to take the ball by your side, step back and push away. Step two you are going to have the ball down. Step three you have the ball forward swing in front of you. Step four you're gonna throw the ball back down the lane," Cohen explains.

The first 300 ever recorded happened in Rockford, IL, in 1902. Andrew's goal is to represent the city again by adding the first backwards 300 to the record books.

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